Automated Blood Sampling Systems

The DiLab AccuSampler is an Automated Blood Sampling System from Swedish company VeruTech AB. This unique product and technique is used for stress free, unattended sampling in preclinical applications in pharmaceutical companies, CRO’s and Universities all over the world.
Some typical areas of use are DMPK, Safety Pharmacology, Toxicology and Biomarker studies. DiLab® AccuSampler®

The AccuSampler

The DiLab AccuSampler is a fully automated system for blood sampling from tethered, freely-moving laboratory animals. Thanks to a more simplified planning process with unattended operations and use of fewer animals, the AccuSampler makes your In-vivo sampling more efficient.

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare has always been an important topic for VeruTech AB. Today most of the pharmaceutical companies work actively to reduce, replace, and to refine the work with animals.
The DiLab AccuSampler can greatly reduce the number of animals used since several samples can be drawn from the same animal as opposed to using multiple animals for one time point. The animals are undisturbed and do not experience stress during the automatic sampling procedure.