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The vial rack setup of the AccuSampler®

The DiLab® AccuSampler® by VeruTech AB is one of the most configurable and adaptable ABS-systems on the market. As shown in the video, the AccuSampler® can be equipped in endless combinations. One of the advantages with this instrument is the possibility of splitting a sample between liquid whole blood in a vial and dried blood spot on a DBS Card.

Our different vial racks can handle the following collection options:
• Micronic® 1,4ml Sample tubes
• SAI Micro500 Blood Collection vials (8mm*43mm)
• Sarstedt® 1,3ml Micro tubes
• Eppendorf® Tubes
• Whatman FTA® DMPK DBS Card
• Whatman FTA® ELUTE DBS Card
• 96-well sample plates
Upon request we can design and manufacture custom vial racks for non-standard vials specifically needed for a study.

Contact us for suitable collection tubes or to change vial racks if you are switching from legacy collection tubes.

Our Septa Lid protects the samples from evaporation and condensation in the vial while still allowing the sample needle to dispense the blood sample. The lid is easy to clean and has an exchangeable septa. The top lid sits by magnetic force and allows easy access to the vials. DiLab® AccuSampler® The trademarks above are the property of their respective owners.