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Several options are available for the AccuSampler® LA:

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AccuSampler® Large Animal Option (LA)

The AccuSampler® Large Animal option gives a fully automated system for Automated Blood Sampling (ABS) in freely moving larger animals such as pigs, dogs and non-human primates. The system handles sample volumes between 250 µl – 3 ml.

When more blood than 500µl is needed, a special application for the AccuSampler® called Large Animal (LA) is implemented. With this technique automated blood sampling is possible also for canines, swine, primates or other larger species. The AccuSampler® LA is able to handle larger sample volumes, automated infusions, connection to vascular access ports, as well as interface with telemetry systems.

The system may be programmed with a delayed starting time, and the computer can be located outside the animal room to minimize disruption of physiological parameters during sampling. By selecting variable withdrawal and injection speeds, the AccuSampler® LA can easily be optimized for various vessels, access port volumes, and a variety of harnessing and caging systems. Periodic measurement of the animal’s blood pressure can alert the operator to a disconnected access port before sampling takes place. The system can also be customized to use a customer specific vial needed for the study.

DiLab® AccuSampler®

Since the environment used for larger animals (like pigs)commonly contains airborne particulate matter the instrument is housed in a ventilated box where the air is filtered, preventing contamination of the instrument and samples.