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There's several benefits when combining DBS with the AccuSampler®:


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Automated Dried Blood Spot Sampling

Dried Blood Spot (DBS) is a technique which is popular due to its many benefits. This technique can usefully be combined with the advantages of Automated Blood Sampling (ABS).

DiLab® AccuSampler® DiLab® AccuSampler®

Several configuration possibilities.

Our DBS Card holder for the AccuSampler® is intelligent designed to secure the papers from touching each other to prevent carry-over. Each paper is placed in its own slot where the paper is held floating and thus prevents the blood to spread through the adapter and at the same time helps the blood sample to dry.

Another great feature with the AccuSampler® is that you can split a collected sample (from the same time point) between liquid whole blood and DBS collection. This enables calculation of ex vivo BPR values from a single experiment compared to conducting a separate in vitro experiment to obtain the Blood to Plasma Ratio.

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