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The DiLab® AccuSampler®

The DiLab® AccuSampler® is a fully automated system for Blood Sampling (ABS) in freely moving laboratory rodents such as mice, rat, guinea pig, hamster. The system, as standard equipped, handles sample volumes between 25 and 500 µl.

DiLab® AccuSampler®

A displacement pump handles the blood sampling with great accuracy and precision. The built in pressure sensor allow for the verification of the sampling process as well as welfare of the animal. The AccuSampler® is equipped with a 32 or 16 position refrigerated rack for 1 ml plastic vials but can also handle several other collection options, including Sarstedt® Micro Tubes, Eppendorf® tubes as well as DBS papers. Read more about the collection options here.

When using DBS, the AccuSampler® can collect 10-25µL samples directly onto dried blood spot paper.
The instrument can also split a sample onto several spots or split a sample into liquid whole blood (in a vial) and DBS card. Read more about Automated DBS Sampling here.

DiLab® AccuSampler®The system, if equipped with an DiLab® Infusion Pump, has two separate liquid flow paths. The injection flow is operated with a syringe pump through which test formulations can be injected according to any desired time protocol. It is possible to perform bolus injections as well as a continuous infusion.
The AccuSampler® also presents the option of Dual Sampling e.g. two samples taken simultaneously from two different vessels - for instance before and after the liver. 

For Dual Sampling the AccuSampler® is equipped with two completely separated pump and tubing systems and a special sample rack, with no risk for cross contamination.

The animal is connected to the AccuSampler® through a surgically implanted catheter leading to a liquid swivel mounted on a balanced lever arm. The swivel makes it possible for the animal to turn without twisting the catheter(s). The animal can move freely during the study with access to food and water. Samples can be taken and injections performed without disturbing the animal. All steps in the sampling procedures are monitored and logged by the AccuSampler® Software.

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